Study Shows 82% Of All Web Sharing Done Via Copy-And-Paste

I was quite surprised by this study. I really shouldn’t be considering I still copy-and-paste when sharing on Facebook and Google+. I do use Buffer and Hootsuite for Twitter and Linkedin, but these are Chrome extensions.

I could see Buffer or Hootsuite type extensions playing a bigger roll eventually, but for now they’re typically only used by social media geeks. More on that in a future post!

Tynt, the leader in sharing solutions for publishers and content creators, today disclosed research across thousands of web publishers. Among other top findings, the data revealed that copy & paste is the most prevalent method by which users share text, images, and URLs across the web. This common behavior stems from users highlighting text or images on a web page, copying it to their clipboard, and then pasting it into emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Copy & paste comprises 82% of all content sharing, 4.5x more than share buttons. The study was conducted to help publishers and content creators better understand the relative impact of sharing via copy & paste on web site traffic.” [Continue Reading]

How about yourself? Do you still copy-and-paste when sharing links, images and videos or do you prefer the buttons and/or Chrome extensions? Leave a comment and let us know!

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