Pay With A Tweet Vs. Pay With An Email (Infographic)

What’s better? A retweet or an email subscriber? This case study attempts to give us an answer, although it really all just depends what you’re looking to get out of your campaign. More exposure for your brand, or more subscribers on your list? I say do both!

Oli Gardener of reports:

There are two main takeaways here, and it really depends on your business goals as to which you’d prefer.

The Fear of Public Tweeting

As I mentioned in the original case study, the main hypothesis for our test came from the fact that just like public speaking, people are often reticent to tweet about something (usually when it’s a personal account where the subject matter may be off-topic with what they usually tweet). Also, not everyone has a Twitter account, but everyone has en email address (or 12)…

Click here to read the 2nd takeaway and leave a comment to let us know what you think is more important. A retweet or an email?

Want to set-up your own “pay with a tweet” button? Go here.



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